With its long experience, Argex presents itself as a ‘young’, dynamic and flexible company.
From its home base in Burcht/Zwijndrecht, Belgium, Argex distributes its expanded clay grains onto the national and international market.

As being manufacturer and distributor of lightweight grains Argex distinguishes itself by thinking along with its customers in order to offer unique solutions.


Our keys to success:
  • Permanent investment in supplying innovative and high-quality products, adapted to the needs of the market, always observing new trends on this market.
  • Obtain maximum customer satisfaction by creating and developing product applications, next to offering a product range.
  • Create a company climate in which employees feel at ease and free to develop, by guaranteeing constant support and training.
  • Create a team spirit in which the personal involvement and sense of responsibility of each staff member is important and in which new ideas are stimulated.
  • Make the required profit, in order to:
    • allow us to further develop our strategy;
    • pay out a fair compensation to our shareholders;
    • guarantee our staff a competitive remuneration;
    • enable further financing needed for the own development.
Kruibeeksesteenweg 162
B2070 Zwijndrecht (Burcht)

tel. +32 (0) 3 250 15 15
fax. +32 (0) 3 250 15 00