The dream of having a swimming pool is often tempered by soaring running and maintenance costs. The water in your swimming pool is often filtered by expensive and energy consuming chemical water filters. A swamp filter with Argex granules is an efficient alternative -- the Austrian and French authorities even approve this type of filter for used in public swimming pools. Argex clay granules are 100% natural, inert, rot-free and very durable, providing the ideal biological filtering solution for pools, ponds or waste water. Several studies demonstrate that it is totally unnecessary to sterilize the water with chemicals and that it is better to use biological slow filtering methods which using less energy, too!

Your benefits

  • high purification of wastewater
  • constant quality of the granulates
  • thanks to the quality of Argex: lower risk of obstructions
  • reduced risk of freezing together of the reed land
  • elimination of phosphates from wastewater