Durable concrete

The ultra-light weight of Argex concrete makes it eminently successful in use on  projects that present high degree of technical difficulty and can also help to safeguard the character of old buildings when used in renovation work.

Argex concrete is an excellent thermal insulator and, thanks to its cellular structure and the high air volume between the aggregates, is also non-combustible.

It also displays excellent acoustic insulation characteristics with the air contained  within the aggregates providing Argex concrete with special sound blocking properties. The absorption coefficient is excellent with visible masonry and baffle boards and the sound reduction performance is comparable to that of heavy concrete, despite its low weight!

Argex concrete is often manufactured as a bespoke product to customer specification, hence the almost unlimited possibilities: from open concrete over compact concrete to pumpable and self-compacting concrete with new ‘Coated’ Argex aggregates. Compact concrete is used in prefabricated applications such as panels, sandwich panels, beams, balconies, staircases... Whatever the requirement, the ideal Argex concrete mix is always possible. Moreover, Argex is extremely light, making it easier to process and lowering transport costs.

For the DIY enthusiast, we have developed ArgeMIX, a perfect mix of concrete and Argex aggregates: just add water and you are ready to go. For the less accessible areas, we developed Pompmix, a pumpable Argex concrete available in two versions: light (Pompmix L) or structural (Pompmix S). In co-operation with ArcelorMittal, Argex has also developed 30% lighter steel sheet concrete floors, named Cofraplus® Ls.

Your benefits

  • low volume/weight ratio (better for transport and handling)
  • permanent thermal insulation (no cold bridging)
  • excellent fire resistance
  • easy to process
  • very good compression strength
  • low thermal coefficient of expansion
  • low modulus of elasticity
  • excellent noise absorption and noise reduction index