Small pellets, big difference

In major infrastructure works, the choice of infill materials presents difficult challenges. Extra horizontal and vertical powers come into force when using heavy infill, demanding expensive solutions. But with lightweight fill from Argex a cost-effective solution is at hand. The aggregate has excellent draining properties and is easy to process in and out of water. Its form guarantees maximum stability and, thanks to its bearing capacity, high internal friction angle and unlimited lifespan, Argex is the most effective foundation material available. Secure, safe and easy to use!

A small selection of geotechnical applications for Argex include: filling behind retaining walls, soil improvement, as a building material for the construction of tunnels, slow-down areas, water buffers and filtration basins. The material is also equally suitable as backfill in sewage trenches or around pipes, behind steel quay walls and bridge parapets. The aggregates increase stability, decrease loadings and are easy to process. And above all: they have eco-friendly credentials.

Your benefits

  • increases stability
  • reduces setting
  • durable
  • compensates loads
  • guarantees permanent drainage
  • easy to process
  • eco-friendly