What a breeze!

Argex helps to make green dreams come true, by drawing on many years’ experience in the creation of roof gardens and “greening” of the urban environment.

A roof garden creates green space and also provides insulation for homes, commercial and public buildings and other structures, making it cooler on the inside in summer, warmer during the winter months. In addition to improved insulation, other valuable benefits include naturally enhanced visual impact and a significant reduction in environmental noise.

There are two main types of roof gardens: the intensive and the extensive roof garden. The intensive Argex roof garden can be compared with a “classic” garden on the ground floor, allowing the growth of permanent planting, shrubs and even trees. The extensive Argex roof garden is different. It is a thin lightweight substrate allowing the protective growth of succulents, moss and herbs on elevated roof structures.

Your benefits

  • perfect moisture control and soil aeration
  • minimal soil condensation
  • structural improvement of soil mixtures
  • optimal draining capacity
  • Light weight and high stability
  • resistant to frost
  • flexible design
  • unlimited life expectancy
  • eco-friendly