A warm and solid basis

Argex Thermosoil has many qualities. It is an insulating, draining and durable backfill comprising a layer of loose Argex granules placed directly on firm ground which is water-permeable. The insulating Argex backfill is covered with a polythene sheet on to which a lightly reinforced concrete layer is poured. Argex aggregates guarantee permanent, durable, natural insulation without any seams. The absence of seams ensures the absence of thermal bridging, resulting in improved thermal comfort.

Thermosoils have an almost limitless applications and can be used in new buildings and for renovation projects; in non-residential buildings such as schools, sports accommodation, shopping malls and office buildings. They can also be used a diverse range of buildings from industrial complexes to stables.

Your benefits

  • permanent seamless thermal insulation
  • fast and easy processing with tankers
  • immediate consolidation
  • high stability
  • high maximum load
  • 100% natural insulation
  • unlimited life expectancy
  • non-combustible
  • high drainage capacity
  • easy installation
  • no prior grading of the base needed