Give water the space and attention it deserves

Water is an essential part of life. But it can prove problematic to control and manage efficiently without the associated risks.

Buffer and filtration basins created using Argex aggregates actually retain the water and slow down drainage. A multitude of opportunities opens up when choosing Argex. The benefits of the Argex aggregates are mainly due to its hollow cavities: 45% between pellets and 43% inside them. And it doesn’t end there. Our product is also an economical one. Rapid processing with tankers, full use of excavation, flexible design, unlimited life span and reusability of the product make Argex the most cost-effective solution for water buffer and filtration basins.

Your benefits

  • Lightweight
  • High proportion of cavities
  • Economical
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Stable and pressure resistant
  • Life-unlimitted
  • 100% ecological