Environmental Policy

Argex wants to limit the impact of its activities on the environment as much as possible and where possible contribute to a better environment. Care for the environment is aimed at preventing pollution, with explicit attention for the environmental aspects of air, water, energy and sound.

These environmental aspects will take into account the decision-making process, work preparations, execution and monitoring of the activities. Sustainable development and an integral chain management will be guaranteed. This care will be a priority for all employees.

Argex undertakes to carry out activities in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, the specified company procedures and related policy.

Argex has laid down specific objectives in a management system which measures, evaluates and adjusts, if necessary, the environmental performance. Periodic evaluations - both internal and external - will be conducted to show that the envisaged result is achieved as well as a continuous improvement process. All documentation and communication concerning the environment management system are available to all company divisions.

Environment constitutes an important part of the direct responsibility of anyone involved in management. The ultimate responsibility lies with the General Manager. The feasibility of the environmental policy depends entirely on the employees' efforts. Argex will therefore ensure employees receive the necessary training and instructions and have the necessary resources at their disposal.

Argex wants to create a working climate in which everyone feels responsibility for the environment.